the most hardcore dankest drug ever. Its a mixture of speedball, meth,acid and crack. It gives you MEGA MUNCHIES if you dont die first. Here are the symptoms:
1.) Heavy Breathing
2.) Mega Munchies
3.) Yoose like want a torta and arroz SOOO BAD.
4.) Passed out if chu weak.
5.) Illusions, and crazy things.
6.) Hair growing out of your mouf.
7.) Green Kimchi Ice cream tastes deliciously and suspicioly dank.
8.) Waking up Orland Bloom's Bedroom only with chonies on.
9.) No one has lived farther to find out more.
Damn that girl be smoking mevish, so much she as a swamp donkey.
Yoose an ugly mevish.
Pass me a mevish sandwich.
Hey Little Torta.
Delatorre eats mevish sandiwiches :/
Top Definition
A girl who cares for everyone and puts them before herself, wants everyone to be happy and will push her own problems aside for people she loves, sometimes even people she doesn't know.
She's a great best friend to go through the good times and bad, she'll always be there no matter what, most of the time she'll be there on Social Networking sites because she doesn't talk much in real life but has so much to say when she types.
Would make an amazing girlfriend and give you all her time and attention, but would never neglect her friends.
Her life is complicated but she gets through, no matter how hard it becomes she never fails.
She goes with the flow because thinking too far ahead can get your hopes up.
Guy 1: Who's your friend over there on her phone?
Guy 2: Haha, oh that's Mevish.
by Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyd December 25, 2012
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