man sweater = metter

someone with a hairy chest and back so much that it looks like a sweater
Josh used all my conditioner to tame his metter.
by nakedcube April 14, 2008
Top Definition
1.The crappiest place on earth.

2. An actual hell hole.
Girl 1: "Wanna go to Metter tonight?"
Girl 2: "Why? There's nothing to do in that crap hole."
by ducklover001 March 11, 2011
A girl who is entirely lacking in both the chest and the ass.
Dude, the girl I met last night was SUCH a metter.
by Lusterx April 22, 2010
An endeerment for a fabulous french teacher who's a tad mental.
Also written MetterZ; which is then pronounced, metters to the Z.

" - Do we like it? We love it!
- Oh we love a bit of Metters/MetterZ"

by metters4eva July 01, 2008
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