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A heterosexual male who is very in-touch with his feminine side. e.g: They are very concerned about their clothes, hair, and grooming; but at the end of they day they have sex...with women (unless all the girls think that he's gay)
Wow Nate Thurman only wears flared pants and spends 60 dollars on shampoo, what a metro.
by Danny February 05, 2004
14 19
Straight man who spends three times as long in the bathroom primping and preening himself than his female counterpart.

Considered a clothing and shoe "horse". Enjoys spending insane amounts of money on "designer" anything. Loves Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic and Starbucks.

Devotes long hours to serious time at the gym sculpting his body. Knows all about fine wines and food. Very discriminating when it comes to his diet. Gestures a lot and seems to get along well in large groups of women. Often preyed upon by gay men at vacation spots.

Loves being pampered, enjoys manicures, pedicures and massages. Gets orthodontic work later in life or plastic surgery to try to further improve appearance.

Good dancer, enjoys playing golf.
Previously considered a "closet queer" by people for many years.
Peacock husband of my friend Adriana.
by Wendora January 18, 2004
19 24
the first step that someone takes to become a homosexual
look dude he's becoming a metrosexual
yeah, that's the first step, before , he gets homo
by BeatBoX January 22, 2007
25 31
A heterosexual man who displays homosexual traits.
The most well known metrosexual is 'David Beckham'
by school kid October 07, 2006
17 23
A dude who is one Apple Martini away from making a trip the gay bar.
Straight Dude: Dude, Pass Me A Beer And Some Pretzles The Game Is About To Start.

Metrosexual Dude:. And Break A Nail Eeeeww Yuckness.
by Slade_Technics September 26, 2006
29 35
A narcissistic, urban, financially established male, who is influenced by consumerism and media proliferation to conform his identity with changing images of masculinity found in men’s style press, advertising and popular culture.
Admired by thousands of young men, David Beckham, was a prime example of the narcissistic metrosexual and changing masculinity in popular culture.
by mcmvanbree January 05, 2006
34 40
(n.) A man walking a non-existant line between homosexual and queer.
"im not gay, im metrosexual"
by Hristo Valtchanov August 20, 2005
31 37