A band with lame lyrics full of metrosexual guys.
Girl 1:Hey have you heard that new metro station song?
Girl 2: yeah it sucks.
by iheartp7 March 04, 2009
An awesome band that is appealing to those in their teenage years. They write their own music consisting of sex- related content. Sadly many teens don't like their music but honestly everyone 13+ is craving something of the sort.
Person A: Hey! what's up?
Person B: I am so MAD!
Person A: Why are you mad, did i do something?
Person B: It isn't you, but I can't convince my mom to let me go to the Metro Station concert that is in a few weeks. And i really wanted a meet-and-greet.
Person A: I am sorry for your loss.
by Loco-Lola June 07, 2009
A band that tries to sound British, thinking it will make them seem like a much better band when in reality, they still suck.
Metro Station lead singer: *in british voice* Shake, shake, shake, shake, uh shake it

by Locke321 December 30, 2008
a pretty good band with average lyrics(filled with cheesy pick up lines) but good instrumentals.
they get a lot of crap about being for 13 year old teenybopper whore girls who scream because they just found out in thier j-14 magazine that 2 guys in the band have siblings in hannah montana.
they are also a band who are bound to sell out the day they hit top 40, simply because they let out such information.
13yr old girl: OMGGG! i totally love metro station!!! i heard shake it on the radio! and it makes me so trendy to listen to techno! metro station rocks! i hope they go on tour with miley cyrus!!

me: shut up bitch. you wouldnt know good music if it was forced up your ass.
by boxcar_murder June 18, 2008
A horrible band that sucks. The members can't write songs or play their instruments.
8-16 year olds without good music tastes listen to them.
guy1 Have you heard shake it by Metro Station?
guy2 Yes it sucks.
by josh90 December 13, 2008
A awesome band with good songs and hot singers and cool style. Whoever thinks they suck and shouldn't write songs about girls is wrong because if they wrote songs about boys it would just be GAY and GAY means boys like boys. They also sing them because it's what teenagers do so don't be lying and say Well I don't. Now go ahead and put thumbs down if you want to bitches!
by METRO STATION FAN March 05, 2009
The BEST band ever. Yes, sometimes their lyrics don't really make sense, and yes, maybe a lot of their songs seem slightly perverted, but their music has such a good sound to it. Plus, Trace and Mason are SUPER hot, so that's always a bonus. Trace's voice is very smooth, while Mason's is high-pitched but beautiful. Metro Station rox.
Person 1: What was that totally amazing band that we heard on the radio the other day?

Person 2: Oh that was Metro Station. I know they rock! I love them.
by LushLuver July 14, 2009

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