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Founded by Trevor Saile in 2010.
The perfect unision of Metal, Anarchism, and Life.

Metalkist is base on the sole concept that there is no afterlife, and that after death there is eternal blackness in the comfort of sleep. So to live every day, and just live. Do what you want, when you want. Metalkist also focused on Metal music (Deathmetal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, ect.) is the essence of life itself (However, all music is tolerated as Metalkism is a none hatred religion.) Anarchism is a large part of Metalkism, as the beliefs of Metalkism is that no man, or woman, has any real power over anyother man or woman. That does not mean go and kill someone, jsut because you can, then claim your religion says it's okay. But, to make your own rules in life.
Metalkism Attitude-

Metalkist "Fuck your holy spirit."
Chistian "God shall smite you"
Metalkist "Yeah? Do it. I DARE YOU. COME ON GOD SMITE ME. Exactly. Where will your god be when I take a shovel upside your head?"
Christian "Well... Shut up.."
by Armagedon April 23, 2010

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