bass is rob trujillo not mike inez
and there are more entries under metaLLica than metaLica
good one idiot..
but ur right they are awsum:)
metallica are awesome. all haters shut up, if you don't like their music that's fine but dont bitch and moan about it go listen to your stupid little bands like simple plan and greenday and call yourselves punk..
shame people spell it metalica too
by aLzii February 18, 2006
Top Definition
The sad result of a moron trying to spell the name of a heavy metal band.
There's 2 "L's" in "Metallica," dumbass.
by QuickStartGuide June 01, 2004
hmmm, notice metalica gets more of a rap then the actual metallica

and we all know that metallica made some of the best music this pathetic world has ever heard... apart from their most recent album, but we just pretend that it never happened.
why abuse the ones that started music in its most finest artistic talent... abuse the ones that dislike it, Low mans lyric all the way...
by J March 31, 2005
first off metallica is the right way to spell it which is strange because theres actually more under metalica than metallica. strange

besides that metallica is an awsome metal band that started in the 80s

Lead singer/rythem guitar:James hedfield
Lead guitar:kurk hammett
Drummer: Lars Ulrich
Bass: Mike Inez
Its Metallica not Metalica Moron
by Justin April 18, 2005
A mispelling of a band, Metallica, that was, at one time, a damn good band until they started to whine and moan about people stealing their music because they felt that they had not enough money.

See Sell Out
Avril is turning into Metallica just like Dr. Dre and all other corporate art.
by fecalflinger August 07, 2005
the sickest band ever!!!
enter sandman, no leaf clover, master of pupets
by fan December 10, 2003
bunch of old fat geezers that think they can play.
the band metalica was supposed to play but they got booed off stage
by chris brown May 05, 2005
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