the greatest fucking thing that ever happened to this earth.
metal is tha shit. of you dont like it you might as well be killed.
by metallilbanger February 18, 2005
A genre of music, that's all. It's not a culture or anything it's just a type of music.
Derek: Hey, whatcha listening to?
Frank: Metal
Derek: Okay then
by Muh Muh August 04, 2011
the new way of saying something's cool.
SO WAIT! your telling me you put these little guys in boiling water then they turn red and they die!?

yes sir.

that is the most metal thing ive ever heard in my life.
by RAWR im a rock monster November 30, 2010
A sub-genre of rock music. Notorious for being heavy (hence the name, heavy metal), dark, and often deep pitched. The bass and drums are often played in sync while the guitar plays the main rhythm with riffs, licks, and chords. Stereotypic metal is often associated with darkness, destruction, pain, and Satanism. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the music mommy and daddy warned you not to listen to.
The father of metal, Ozzy Osbourne, bit the head off of a bat during the song "Bark At The Moon". THAT is metal.
by Armthehobos June 14, 2007
Another word for awesome. Usually described for hardcore things such as : Smashing mailboxes, mosh pits, getting the shit kicked out of you by cops, smoking salvia, punching babies in the face.
It was pretty fucking metal
by Will Ranz July 25, 2010
a genre of hardcore music, also, a way to describe something brutal, dark, or intense.
Dude, you see that guy getting killed by a dog? that is so metal.
by rawrrahrawr December 04, 2009
adj. something dark, brutal, evil, intense, heavy, and blood
guy 1 "this movie is awsum they just ripped sum guys face of" guy 2 "wow... metal"
by etninja August 30, 2009

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