a very artistic genre of music that involves alot of skill and concentration to master, when you first get into listening to metal, it may make your ears hurt like hell,then your able to listen to it when your eardrums adapt so you can hear the lyrics, those of no expierience will most likely not be able to understand it and will just say it is complete shit and go back to their Eminem and 50 cent idols. when you get the ears there is no going back.
Rap Kid walks down the street and spots a metal fan listening to his headphones.
Rap Kid:"that u listen 2 is just screamin n shit, u aint no real music white boy."
metal fan:"alright if its really that bad maybe you can stand listening to it."
Rap kid hesitates for a minute.
"gimme your headphones emo."
Rap kid turns it up full volume.
Metal fan:"thats not a good idea."
rap kid:"i can stand this shit"
Presses play.........head blows up so there is nothing left but everything lower jaw down. Metal fan shruggs, whipes the blood and brains of his headphones, mutters "idiot" at the corpse and continues down the street
by Slayerfan101 September 29, 2008
The greatest genre of music ever created.
Slayer, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Mayhem, other metal bands
by Metalmanx12 August 24, 2009
Metal, Adj.:
1. Music normally played at a loud volume, with fast tempos, extrodinary guitar, solid bass, and a strong drum beat (drumming is normally played with double bass drums). Metalheads normally start out listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc. But from the point where one starts listening to "heavy" music, one's insatiable thrist for metal cannot be quenched. So, much like a drug, listeners get adicted, and they look for heavier and faster bands, such as: Death, Venom, Slayer, Sodom, Motorhead, and Pantera. Most don't dare go beyond this group of bands, for fear of geting their fucking heads blown off. But, some do still persue yet heaver bands such as: Napalm Death, Kreator, Pig Destroyer, Cannibal Corpse, and the infamous Mayhem.

Metal, Noun or Verb:
2. Usually replacing "cool", "awesome", or other words such as that, which are "extreme". For instance, "Holy shit dude, that was so fucking metal!"
"metal" can also be a verb, such as, "lets go do somthing metal", which means "lets go do somthing fun or exciting".
"Now thats metal!"
-Sebastian Bach
"Oh man... that... was so metal"
"Ok, lets go listen to some metal"
When Zakk Wylde was asked to discribe metal, he anwsered with a long swig of his pale ale, a respectfull huff, and a, "Metal.... is... metal"
by S.D.M.F. June 05, 2006
To put it simply. The GREATEST music ever!
Dex the metalhead will NOT listen to songs that don't have kickass guitar solos, amazing bass lines, amazing drumming or great vocals!
by Ryuuzaki-Is-Not-Dead December 27, 2008
Metal can also be used as an adjective. used to describe some kind of object or action that relates to the metal genre. this can relate to anything from a mood or the looks of something. it is often used in place of kvlt when someone does not want to relate it to black metal. it is not to be confused with the actual metals.
1. That guitar is metal.
2. I am feeling so metal right now. *eats babies*
by Matt Rooney September 08, 2007
A substance that most coins are composed of with the exception of the wooden nickel. Paper clips are also made of metal.
Quarters are metal.
by IdiotHunter October 06, 2008
Good. God's gift to all humanity.

Metal is metal, fuck the sub-genres, if its metal its metal, if its not its not. Slipknot is metal, but probably the weakest form existing.
Lamb of God, Bohemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, etc are all real metal.

By the way, a good band I recently found 'War of Ages' is amazing, check it out.
Metal Heads is a stereotype for the typical metal enthusiast (excuse the fail spelling). Metal heads dont give a fuck about what people think of them, DO NOT wear any specific type of clothing, they wear whatever the fuck they want, they are loyal to metal.
Metal Heads are often looked down upon and are thought to be alcahol and/or drug abusing, stupid, ignorant, greasy fuckups. WRONG. There are some Metal Heads who are like this, for personal reasons, NOT because of their music. Metal Heads, are usually loud, hae a good sence of humor, well educated, get pissed off when people diss their genre, dislike mainstream, are VERY accepting, genuine people who will do what they can to help out, and so much more.

If your in a moshpit, and you fall over or the Metal Heads around you think your feeling uncomfortable, they will help you out and make sure your alright.
Don't judge us Metal Hewads before you know us.
Metal heads: *chanting* Lamb of God! Lamb of God Lamb of God! Lamb of God!

Fail Fag: *walks past* Lam of god iz sht bo, lsten 2 mahh rahp bo, itz teh sht bo.

Metal heads: Fuck you!! *plays "Black Label"*

Fail Fag: Crys and runs to his fail fag friends who are all stoned
by Cookie Mosher LOG November 06, 2009

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