dimmu borgir are nu-metal fuck you they are as black metal as limp bizkit are thrash
Opeth are gods and so are Bloodbath
by sex with you little sis December 04, 2003
Apparently, i don't know what metal is, according to all of you. I listen to heavy metal, and I consider bands such as Slipknot, Atreyu, In flames, Shadows Fall metal, but some of you seem to think that they are "posers" I classify metal in two catagories: Heavy Metal and old school metal. heavy would be the above mention bands and old school would be Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen, stuff from the 70's. yeah, back in thier heyday they were the most metal shit you could find. But the definition of metal has changed over the years, and if you compare Zeppelin to Slayer, there's quite a difference, and for good reason. heavy metal is rocking out, and just having a good time and being you. Old school metal was about acid trips and pink bunnies in the air, while screwing a groupie or two. Times have changed and definitions are rewritten over time, and you gotta understand that.
Metal: Slipknot, System of a Down(kinda), Atreyu, Slayer, Meshuggah, Hatebreed
old school Metal: Pink floyd, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, Queen
by SlipKnoTSOAD April 19, 2006
A shitty form of popular music on which virtually all subgenres rely on the 'as long as it sounds catchy' philosphy. Truly, atrocious popular youthmusic from which the listeners actually think its underground. A few subgenres that do not apply to that rule are technical metal, math metal and black metal

Metal relies on simple musical theory. Simple rithms, and certainly does not ask much virtuosis from the perform artist as well as compositional ability from the composer.

Some genres that would rise above this atrocity that is metal would be:

dark noise
tech trance
europian classical music
Metaller: I listen to metal, I'm so underground.

Me: Inferiour troglodyte. What does it matter if you are underground? and let me tell you that you are not. Everyone knows your Children of Bodom and your Dry Kill Logic.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde April 21, 2006
An entire genre of music that SUCKS FUCKIN BALLS and every one of it's fans needs their fucking asses kicked.
I'll put you bitches over my knee one by one if I have to,you snivelling cunts!

You're all fuckin mama's boys!!

Metal is a really pussy ass alternative to Rock & Roll.

Metal = watered down rock & roll,performed by drooling,ignorant retards.It's fans are even worse!!!

Metal is for little fags with no dicks.

That's right you no dick motherfuckers!

You're all strap leather homo bitches!

Bunch of fuckin trendy assholes and salad tosser the lot of you fuckin pussies.Pull the fuckin cucumber out of your manginas.You make me sick!

You dress in the manner of a MALE prostitute!
by Rock & Roll motherfucker February 18, 2005
poser rock

it's sort of like rock,but gay
metal fuckin sucks my bean bag
The best music ever nu metal excluded, black metal excluded, death metal excluded, hair metal excluded, headbanger's ball excluded, industrial metal excluded, techno-metal excluded, Swedish metal excluded, emo-metal excluded, alternative metal excluded , gay leather homo metal excluded,etc-etc.
Wait,metal isn't the best music ever.It's the worst!

It's just as lame and shitty as anything else that sucks (rap,disco,dance,hip-hop,emo,pop homos and whores,etc)
by metal sucks August 30, 2005

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