It is a waste of time to try and classify all of the bands in the world but if you did most of the good ones would come under the group heading of METAL.

Punk (im talkingh real punk, not 'my girlfriend left me' shit) is kind of like metal except with most of the goodness talken out and replaced with Dee-dee Ramone (who has a face so hideous that when he looked in the mirror he died) and is therefore rarely ever good.

Dark Throne is not metal, see its definition for details.
'Heavy metal is the law'

'I am quite gay, i am going to listen to some non-metal'
by Tim December 03, 2003
one of the wors forms of music ever conceived of
it's for people who like the butt sex
by Rawka February 25, 2005
A sad pathetic subgenre of music made up of countless sub-subgenres.Metal fans have to try and shield metal from criticism by reaching for as many classic rock bands as they can and hold them up to try and shield their beloved metal genre from criticism.It's quite funny.They're all like "Led Zeppelin,Van Halen,AC/ fuck motley crue,lamb of god...oh..i'm so ashamed..."
hang your head in perpetual shame metal boys
by ha hahahahahahaha September 08, 2006
A sad,pathetic excuse for a music genre which I,as a classic rock fan,have absolutely zero respect for.
I have no use for metal.It's for weak,stupid cum buckets.
by a ha ha ha November 03, 2005 where u the singers scream and u cant understand the words
2. the best type of music ever
mayhem,cradle of filth, canniable corpse, behemoth, naglfar
by ur mom March 21, 2005
1.) See the Periodic Table of the Elements. Most of the little squares on the left are metals or metalloids. Nonmetals (with the exception of hydrogen) are on the right fourth, next to the noble gasses.

2.) A genre of music that causes a great difference of opinion. Charachterized by loud cacaphonious guitar riffs and barely audible lyrics, metal fans are derogotoraly referred to as metal heads. But there is no problem in making fun of metal heads because that is what they are, see definition 1, their brains are made of Uranium for listening to that crap. All of you angsty metal kids should listen to some classic punk, or some ska and cut your hair. You will do the world a favor.
1.) I really like to play with Rutherfordium. It's a metal.

2.) "Yeah man, i so totally went to an augument of death salazar war blood shroomfest korncob concert the other night and headbanged all night long to their newest hit, "Kick me in the face and get a tatoo of a dragon on your penis" which has a 672196528 hour long guitar solo of three notes played in repetitive patterns, METAL RULES!" -Metal head
by white fingernails October 13, 2005
quite possibly the worst type of music ever. if you enjoy the sound of someone being tortured and beaten and the sound of people stomping on small animals, metal is for you.
iron maiden is a horrible metal band, in fact all metal is irritating.
by bob February 09, 2005
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