Metal is a genre of music. D-uhhh. And like any variety of music, weighing its relative merits to other types is a waste of time because beauty is in the ear of the listener.

Metal is industrial-strength rock.
I like Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, and System of a Down. I also like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Badly Drawn Boy, Franz Ferdinand, and Mozart. Go figure. Not everyone who listens to metal is a metalhead.
by Wolfgang Heartman June 22, 2005
A genre of music with atleast 100 sub-genres, none of which fit the same definition. basically any type of rock that's heavier than rock, exept for some metal which isn't all that heavy but still called metal for some reason. Powermetal is called metal because it's not like rock.

metal guitar solos are sound the same. Death metal has to be the worst form of metal.

and progressive band these days is called metal even if they aren't heavy at all.

So to sum up, metal is any kind of music with electric guitars. Exept for acoustic metal.

See what metal has become? Too many sum-genres
Person: Hey man, want to listen to some metal?

Person2: sure, what kind?

Person: nu-grind-black-goth-thrashy powermetal but with fukin harash vocals and a flute player.

Person2: what the fuck? I'm going to go listen to Black Sabbath.
by fredd July 10, 2005
A genre of copycats.Has many subgenres which are created when one band comes up with some new goth fetish such as pierced cock metal or upsidedown cross rammed up your own butthole metal.Which then is immediately copied by all of the mindless idiots and morons which is how all new subgenres of metal are born.Sometimes they like to add the word "core" to the end in an attempt to make the new subgenre seem more edgy or hard."TheI got 666 tattooed on my cock subgenre of metal is really misunderstood man." Or "oh wow check out my mom fucked a goat and I took a shit on her chest metal,it's really the best existing example of animal porn core.
Today I shit in a dixie cup and invented a new subgenre of metal dude \m/
by skeptic September 17, 2006
crap that makes my head hurt, and makes me seriously doubt the right of teenagers to ever speak or remove their hands form the pockets so as not to scream terrible lyrics or discrace a guitar by arranges the 3 chords they know into noise.
Oh god, my head hurts just thinking about metal.
by Keith January 25, 2005
Quite possibly the biggest load of crap I've ever had the displeasure of having to listen to.

The sheer ear-splitting lameness of metal music could only be derrogated further by it's continued existance.
*puts playlist on shuffle*
*5 songs later*...

"What the shitting hell is this...!?!"

*checks playlist*..
"Pantera.. What the FUCK.. GTFO my playlist you SHIT"
*bandages ears*
by Hoe Master August 05, 2007
A bunch of bored rich kids who's materialism isn't bringing them happiness and so they sing about Satan out of boredom and the emptiness that is their pathetic lives as poor,little rich kids.
Aw,did mommy buy you your corpse paint for you?
All of the people in the world who can't spell are all either rap fans or metal fans.
And that's a fact,you fucktards.
by durr durr durr....u fuckin tards! February 18, 2005

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