TRUE Metal is the most under appreciated style of music today. There are many good, TRUE, metal bands that exist. However, shit like Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down, and (recent) Cradle of Filth have given this genre a bad name in the mainstream. Thus, all the good bands were forced to remain obscure. This is one thing that seperates the TRUE metalheads, from the posers. The posers are the stupid kids who claim to be metalheads, yet listen to nothing but slipknot while claiming to be "Hardcore". The TRUE metal fans are the ones who appreciate bands that are not well known to the media whores that MTV controls. TRUE metal fans and TRUE metal bands are the 2 last remaining hopes of the genre.
Poser "Hey, man slipknot is the most fuckin' Brutal metal ever!"

Set "GTFO!!!" *plays Iced Earth CD.*
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
An adjective used to describe something as excessively brutal or hardcore. This can be used to describe anything which fits into this category, from a face-melting metal riff to a gangland massacre. Commonly in usage among fans of the metal genre.
Metalhead 1: "Dude! Did you see that dude get his head blown off?!"
Metalhead 2: "That was fuckin' metal."
by Metylvania January 07, 2010
a descriptive word used to define something exspecially brutal or awesome. Like dead bodies or ice cream
Dead bodies clogging a drain is metal.
"dude that ice cream was metal"
by boratstylin August 23, 2008
1. A heavier genre of music, usually containing lots of distortion, shredy riffs and solos, men with hair down to their knees, and sometimes a giraffe. More modern styles have incorporated breakdowns to give it a more brutal edge to the sound. These breakdown should not be confused with the Mariah Carry type of breakdown.

2. A type of elementary substance, many of which are characterized by opacity, ductility, conductivity, and a unique luster when freshly fractured. Can be found in the solid and liquid forms depending on its temperature.

3. Michael Andrew Pardy
Guy 1: "Dude! You going to the metal show tonight?"
Guy 2: "Yeah man!"

Person 1: "Dude! What's that can made of?"
Person 2: "Some kind of Metal, I assume."
by Mr. Piklington August 17, 2010
1. An element on the periodic table that is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Often have a metallic sheen to them.

2. A genre of music that grew out of rock. Its listeners, called metalheads, are often stereotyped incorrectly, as is the music itself. Metal is not a bunch of rich, angsty teens screaming about Satan, violence, and sex. That is called Metalcore or Nu-metal and is generally looked down upon. Metal is a genre based off of originality and technicality. It is extremely diverse ranging from bands such as Pain Of Salvation to Decapitated.
1. Gold, or Iron are commonly known examples of metal

2. Cynic, Atheist, Mors Principium Est, Ayreon, Dream Theater, Opeth, Death, Miseration, Decapitated, Unmoored, Strapping Young Lad, UneXpecT, Torchbearer, Symphony X, Shadow Gallery, Anata, Nevermore, Between The Buried and Me, Iron Maide, ect. ect.
by Alvestam January 02, 2010
A form of rock that is often misunderstood(kinda like rap) as only for angry, moody teenagers, when in reality it is a wide assortments of types from light to Brutal and any variable in between. Often with fast guitar parts and driving bass and drums. Doesn't have to have screaming.
Black Sabbath= Granddaddy of metal
by S4B3R117 September 29, 2008
cool, amazing, awesome
Alligators are metal.
by shannxsuperstar April 25, 2008
something that rhymes with petal, fetal, battle, kettle, dettol, mettle.
metal metal steel wire have you any metal?
yes sir yes sir, three factories full.
by Melancholykills August 11, 2009

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