A genre of music with fast pace guitar riffs, bass lines, and drum beats. Also can be slow, downbeat tempo (see Doom Metal). Metal bands generally have a bass player, one or two guitar players, and drummer. But not limited too. Sound is usually heavy, static sounding, with heavy distortion of guitars, and or/voices. Guitars include atleast one rhytem guitar, and at least one soloist. Solo's are often fast paces, but can also be slow or a mixture of the both. Voices typically contain screaming, grunting, yelling, or singing. Lyrically speaking Metal bands typically contain lyrics full of anger. But can also contain hate, depressive, emotional lyrics. Can also include lyrics pertaining to current events. The metal genre can be further broken down into smaller, sub genres that focus on any one of the pre mentioned attributes of metal. These genres can focus on one specific attribute, i.e. melody or can be a mixture of all. On other occasions, Metal can have a trance, or technoy sound this is call Industrial Metal.
Metal Bands: Opeth, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Caliban, Fear Factory, All Shall Perish, Candlemass, Static-X, In Flames, Devil Driver, Coal Chamber, Cradle of Filth

Metal Sub-Genres: Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Speed, White (Christian), Heavy, Rap, Swedish(In Flames), Gothic, Industrial.

Wannabe: "Dude this is some kickass metal!"
Metalhead: "Are you retarded?! Linkin Park isn't Metal"
by solaceinsilence December 17, 2004
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Genre of music which evolved from hard rock in the late 60s. First 'true' metal band were probably Black Sabbath, who were the first to use most of the characteristic features of the genre, such as downtuned guitars (due to an accident suffered by Tony Iommi, the guitarist), use of the 'tri-tone', heavy distortion, use of minor pentatonic scale solos and religious themes.

Metal has evolved from the original 'heavy metal' to now incorporate a whole host of other genres. Many of these simply take the metal 'blueprint', and add elements taken from other genres (for example, Folk Metal will combine the distortion and 'dark' feel of metal with the meandering melody lines, different instruments and rural themes of folk. However, some use influences not drawn from other genres, and the large number of genres withing metal can be f*cking confusing to an outsider.

So, in an attempt to describe each genre in a sentence...

Heavy Metal - Darker, louder version of rock with religious themes.

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal - The above, but slightly camper.

Power Metal - Super-cheesey, mildly homo-erotic version of metal, usually with fantasy themes.

Gothic Metal - Either guys trying to sound like vampires over a tamer version of normal metal, or operatic female singers doing a full vocal workout over a more melodic style of metal.

Symphonic Metal - Kinda like normal metal, but with bits of an orchestra shoved in for good measure.

Death Metal - Louder than normal metal, less melody, and with a singer who sounds like he has a really bad throat.

Black Metal - Similar to Death Metal, but more melodic, and, if from Norway, generally with artists imprisoned for burning churches.

Nu-Metal - Commercialised metal, often with hip-hop influences, basically MTV's attempt to cash in on the genre.

Progressive Metal - Prog rock, but louder, longer, and generally with even deeper themes, and musicians who may use influences from any other metal genre in their music.

Doom Metal - Metal, slowed down to produce a slow, unstoppable wall of sound.

Stoner Doom Metal - Doom metal, but they haven't worked out how to change notes.

Glam Metal - Metal, but wearing a dress, and singing about girls.

Speed Metal - Metal played very, VERY fast.

Thrash Metal - A heavier version of Speed metal.

Alternative Metal - A handy genre into which you can shove all the bands you're not too sure about.

Right, that's the music. Personally a fan of Folk, Progressive and Power metal, but they're all pretty good. Apart from nu-metal. May be hard to get into, but there's something there for everyone.
Metal Horns!

$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$
$$$$$$$ '$/ `/ `$' .$$$$
$$$$$$$$. i i /! .$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$.--'--' $$$$$$
$$^^$$$$$' J$$$$$$
$$$ ~"" `. .$$$$$$$
$$$$$e, ; .$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$.' $$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$. $$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $by&TL$
by Deevyde September 01, 2006
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something that rhymes with petal, fetal, battle, kettle, dettol, mettle.
metal metal steel wire have you any metal?
yes sir yes sir, three factories full.
by Melancholykills August 11, 2009
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Metal's about rebellion. The rebellion is about freedom.
Metal is my religion. Get the fuck out of my way!
by metalbethyname March 29, 2015
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Heavy, raw, amazing genre of music.
Pantera, DOWN, KoRn, Slipknot, Ensiferum, Death, Slayer, Metallica,
by Phil Anselmo is God April 08, 2015
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Metal is the shit , usually people who think they are metal heads like system of a down , korn, atreyu, underoath, Killswitch engage, and avenged Sevenfold, but real metal doesnt suck! Real metal is Fast heavy and in your fucking face and if you dont like it then.....whatever, but real metal is based on other things as well and those things may be classical, jazz, bles opera, etc. Real metal is the shit
In General- Black Sabbath, Judas Preist, Van Halen(i think),
Iron Maiden, Accept, Guns n' Roses, Quiet Riot,MotorHead, Slayer,(OLD)Metallica, Death, Pantera, Lamb of God, ArchEnemy, Megadeth(I hate them but they count!),
Cannible Corpse, Therion, Burning Casket.
by Arioch June 01, 2006
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Homoerotic form of music.Has the power to arouse man or beast one to the other.
That's why I like it.It's so rewarding.
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