A game in which the players sneak up on unsuspecting people (it does not matter if the player knows or doesn't know the person they are targeting) in a public area (i.e. a park) then ejaculate on them. Points scored depend on the area of the body on which the player has ejaculated and if the player gets pursued by the local authorities (other points factors can be added by the players or the people moderating the game). The words Metal Gear in the game title come from the stealth based "Metal Gear" video game series and Spunk obviously meaning semen.
Carl: I was playing Metal Gear Spunk last night and i won cos i jizzed on the bitches face and the police chased me.

Ray: I got extra points once cos i jizzed on the girls face and some of it went down her tits.
by Seizure67 April 16, 2009

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