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Only the best actor on the face of the planet, you face-ass.
Mr. X: "So, like, who is, like, this Meryl Streep person? Is she, like, my aunt?"

Ms. Y: "Shut up you face-ass. She's the best actor on the planet."
by xXxAstro March 26, 2007
the sexiest 60 year old actress ever that many teenage girls feel an obligation to obsess over uncontrollably
Girl #1: "Wow. I love Meryl Streep, I feel like I should build a shrine for her, or make videos all day long celebrating her greatness."
Girl #2: "You're crazy."
by Xaviera Puttika October 01, 2009
(adj.) Undeniably true; indisputable.
Person A: Disney sequels suck balls.
Person B: Now, that's Meryl Streep.
by Hi Guys August 22, 2009
To act out an orgasm so well you have one because of it.
"Oh my God I Meryl Streeped the fuck out of myself last night!"
by fakeout April 02, 2009
Meryl Streep is Americas most brilliant actress!

She won her third Oscar in 2012 and was nominated 16 for best actress.
Meryl Streep is one of those actresses who are like good wine!

The older they get , the better they are, because she doesn't do her work because of popularity or money , she simply loves it !
Every movie including Meryl Streep is a new adventure , because you'll always get blown away by something wonderful and stunning!
She is just breath-taking and there should be a verb for her , because there aren't enough words in the world , to describe her !
A: Did you see the movie last night?

B: Yeah , it was merylicious and Meryl Streep just meryld me away once again. She ist just meryly!
by TrixiFilm March 05, 2012
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