A white female, usually lacking in physical strength. Short tempered and prone to attack, usual method of attack being the classic beaver swipe. Loves everything black.
"She loves black guys, that chick must be a Merryn"
by wennamole April 02, 2013
Top Definition
An unbelieveably hot person (usualy a female) Extremely funny, incredibly well dressed, pretty good at surfing.
"fuck dude, that chick was so merryn!!!!"
by sticky chicken February 07, 2004
a sex godess.
merryn's fuckin' awesome!!!!
by ruler of the world!!! hahahaha February 10, 2004
an incredibly hot person (male or female).
That guy/chick is such a merryn!!
by spacecowboy123 February 27, 2009
A girl who every guy should want. Extreamly loving and caring will do anything to make friends happy! Pretty name with a matching face! Outgoing person, loves the outside. Can be wild after a few drinks and incredibly sexy! Different and interesting, individual, and naturally beautiful, talented girl! everyone needs to know a Merryn!
intersting beautiful sexy loving Everyone should know a merryn
Merryn would make a brilliant girlfriend
by Ella Marsh November 21, 2012
A funny, smart girl who isn't afraid to be herself or to be a little crazy. She is a little nerdy and very smart, but is also a great friend and fun person. She has a unique sense of style that expresses her personality. She loves reading, dance, theater and singing. If you need advice, Merryn is a great person to go to.
Merryn is such a great friend! friend funny creative
by Miss Woodstock July 05, 2013
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