Something you say to somebody to wish them a joyful and happy Christmas. Also slightly politically incorrect, because an ass-load of people in Iraq are dying and 1 billion of the Earth's 4 billion people live off less than a dollar per day.
Confused foreigner: "Merry christmas, whatever that means in this shit-hole."
by Bryant Schroepfer December 20, 2006
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A phrase to spread Holiday cheer. Can be found said mostly in the month of December till the end of December 25th in which the phrase is drastically replaced with just Happy New Year. Most people get offended by hearing this phrase but they're idiots put plain and simple.
*On the Daily Show*
O-Riely: If you are offended by the phrase "Merry Christmas" then you are a sick person in need of help!
by Neezy December 18, 2005

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