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An exclamation from Harry Potter which is similar to "Oh Lord!"
"He just shat his pants!!"

"Merlin's Beard!!!"
#merlins beard #harry potter #oh lord #yo what da #shit!
by Merlin Himself May 25, 2009
Where one ejaculates onto one's partners face, leaving them with a beard dripping from their chin

Dave: I was with this girl last night.
Tim: Oh yeah, how'd it go?
Dave: Got a blowjob
Tim: Did she swallow?
Dave: no, mate she likes it with a Merlins Beard
Tim: ......
Dave: Yeah....


Steve: Want me to pull out?
Daisy: yeah, give me a Merlins Beard
#merlins saggy left testicle #blowjobs #skelmersdale #merlins beard #fetishes
by Jimmy Buttcracker August 17, 2013
When having sex with a young lady one withdraws his love staff at the point of ejaculation and sprays his love muck on the lady's chin. The jizz should start to hang down off the chin, creating a rather fetching white beard look, similar to Merlin's.
"Hey guess what Rich, I did a Merlin's beard on your mum last night!"

"Oh right I just thought she hadn't shaved!"
#come #jizz #blow #load #cum shot
by Ste Crayston December 05, 2006
A layer of semen on a girl's face in areas where facial hair is commonly found on men, e.g. chin, upper lip, cheeks, neck. Usually results after a blowjob.
"Do you want a blowjob, sweetheart?"

"Yeah! How do you want it to end today, honey?"

"I'd love to have a Merlin's Beard, but whatever you want. It's your special day."

"You want it, you got it!"
#blowjob #semen #sperm #ejaculation #harry potter #creampie #jizz #oral sex
by Merlin's Wife July 02, 2009
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