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To smoke and become extremely wasted to the point that no word said can be understood by a normal human being.
Oh, u are sooo Merciless
by mastr July 21, 2003
To have no mercy.
Eg, there will be no mercy to your anus because I am merciless.
by ELGoR March 19, 2003
to be really good in bed; to go hard & fast; to have no mercy
"so how was it?"
"he was MERCILESS"
by hickz =] August 25, 2008
1. To be very tall like quincy
Some people are very tall and merciless, quincy is destroying san atonio
by Are Bee September 23, 2003
to b extremely good at bf that he doesnt need to prove it unlike genreaper who is like a fuck unlike merc who is leet...
Merc owns u gen.
by uknowwhohunny July 23, 2003
To use all 10 fingers to type on a keyboard at the same time.
by mastr July 21, 2003