An Island in Lake Washington that can be compared to Bellevue with its large population of extremely spoiled, naive, rich, pussy guys as well as (usually) hot, extremely spoiled, naive, rich, bitchy, stuck-up girls. (can be used as an adjective is some cases)
Noun, I would hate to live on Mercer Island (or in Bellevue) because everyone is fake and are extremely superficial.

Adjective, 'His response to seeing an African American man at the cash register at the restaurant was extremely Mercer Island as his hands started to sweat and walked quickly past the restaurant with his hand covering his wallet.
A high school that has a long standing rivalry with Bellevue High, a school with a better football team, better academics, better location, better parties and better people. Unfortunately Mercer Island continues to try to compete with it and so continues to be publicly humiliated. Most people who live on the island go to Bellevue or Seattle for dining, shopping, or any form of entertainment, since none exists on the island itself.
The people from Mercer Island thought it would be cool to bring a flag to their away game, but it was broken by the home team when the pre-pubescent MI students got too rowdy.
by Temptress06 April 02, 2006
Island next to Seattle full of rich mother fuckers who think they're better than everyone else. Their football team sucks.
mercer island sucks ass.
by potsy October 24, 2003
a place where one grows depressed and eventually kills themselves
i would like mercer island if everyone stopped being stupid and pretending like they're cool because they do shit all the time.
by 000000 000000 August 21, 2005
The biggest groupl of faggots in the world. Act tough upfront when they are bunch of pussy ass white boyz. Their parents get em whateva they want n the always try n compare them selves to bellevue. funny how ur whole island got da shit kicked out of em dis summer. Faggots the whole state laughs at ur amazingly large egos. Andwhatever happend to ur AMAZING basketball team?Not doin to well dis year. Have fun in football next year playin Bellevue.
Mercer Island is the home of a bunch of cockblocks all of the guys there are so unbelievably gay and wanna act tough but will never do shit. Hope ur gay ass island sinks tonight.Peace Bitchez
by 4-PeAt January 04, 2005

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