Mercedes - an awesome girl with a twisted sense of humour. Mercedes is a great friend, incredibly smart, extremely original and sweet as candy. She'll patiently listen to you bitch forever, try to reassure you and make you laugh.
She's a great Sudoku player and an even better word-makeuper. Mercedes has the most refreshing and honest laughter you've ever heard, even if she snorts a bit here and there.

Things to do with Mercedes:
1. go on man-killing sprees
2. dance with
3. eat candy with
4. and much much more

Synonyms for Mercedes:
1. sweevil
2. adorkable
3. cunning linguist
You know Sheila's kitten got run over by a truck? She was just so devastated till Jenny came over and pulled a Mercedes on her.
by you know damn well who i am February 14, 2009
Refers to an aggressive, bold choice one makes. A choice that is aggressive in nature and style rather than aggressive in terms of force. Choices made by people who leave the people around questioning their sanity and marveling at their appetite for not giving a shit about social norms.
Pronounced: MER-SAY-DEES
Yo bro, you are an investment banker and you are leaving the office at 5pm? Dude, that's mercedes!
by Seihun May 16, 2007
Mercedes are the BEST cars in the world. They are Still Made in Germany By Daimler Mercedes-Benz

Built/engineered/designed By GERMAN's in Germany by Daimler Mercedes Benz. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although they have lost a little quality over the years like Everyone else, they are still the BEST in the world as well as the makes of the FIRST car, that's right, to you people who thought Ford was, Fuck you, you are wrong.

They are NOT!!! at all a Chrysler product, Mercedes-Benz bought Chrysler, Chrysler didn't buy Mercedes. To the guy that said it was, fuck you, dumb shit

You obviously have never owned or driven a Mercedes. Even beat up old Mercedes drives better then any American or Japanese car.

Chrysler is still the same shitty ass low quality car manufacturer it always was with very little Mercedes influence and luckily Chrysler had no influence on Mercedes at all.


I have owned many Mercedes from 1950's cars to new 2000 cars they are all extremely great, beautiful, high quality cars, from the first to the latest.
Mercedes-Benz are the best cars in the world

American and Japanese cars suck.

Lexus is a cheap Toyota rip off of a Mercedes,
Mercedes are the Best cars, the highest quality cars.

German and Italian cars are the best cars in the world
by Mercedes owns November 08, 2005
sexy, hoe, bitch, does whateva the fuck they want
Did you see that mercedes girl at the party?
by sdjfhsdjkghjsdkfha April 20, 2008
An automobile that started out being made by Mercedes, a company name after the founder's daughter. Later it was sold and became Mercedes-Benz. Now it is nothing but an over-priced Chrysler product being sold under the pretense of being a real Mercedes.
The trans went in my Mercedes again.
by jondapicam November 09, 2003
A car that has no status anymore. They are basically like american with german badge. They have fallen off the ladder. Plus the designs are ugly and anyone can afford an old one now. They get lost in the sea of cars and they are no longer distinctive in appearance.
mercedes- car driven by people who think their shit dont stink. They walk around like they are gods gift. Nobody even likes their shitty cars anymore.
by Lokir September 20, 2007
The car that every Armenian rolls in or wants to have!
Armo Guy---> Bro did you see my new Mercedes? imma get mad ass in this fucker
by lenalena May 04, 2006
An ugly, bitchy girl who starts rumors and ruins everyones lives. she's a compulsive lying whore who will do anything to get ahead. She's an awful friend and will stab you in the back any chance she gets don't believe anything she tells you. She probably has a shit load of STD's and nobody really likes her, she amazingly has a million friends though. She's also a fat stupid cheater, dont go near her.
girls: Mercedes is so awful, I'm glad I'm not friends with her.
every boy who has a brain: ew, whata whore, I'd never date that ugly slut.
by coocooAl August 06, 2011

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