It is a Turkish girl name and it means '' female deer '' . In old Turkish tradition, killing a Meral would bring bad luck to the family, Merals were considered as very beautiful animals.
Meral of the mountains....
by meralodem September 24, 2010
Top Definition
Meral is a Turkish girl name (pronounced mehraal) and means 'wise' and 'shining sea'. It's similar to the english name Meryl
Meral's are very unique,lovely and caring people who are quite mystical and usually always smiling and laughing.
Meral's are often very creative and love being in the spotlight. They are also often very good singers.
She won't stop smiling, she must be a Meral!
by mamasitachacha March 17, 2010
The girl's name Meral (me-raal) is a variant of Meryl (English), and the meaning of Meral is "shining sea" and/ or DOORS OF HEAVEN
what a beautiful meral
by kikoloop March 01, 2010
Meral is a person you normally goes around humping peoples legs and feet. people normally call him el bitch
wow this guy is some horny guy he keeps on trying to hump my foot
he's probably a Meral
by abzman December 21, 2010
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