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A derisive term for young women who ascribe to a generic aesthetic defined primarily by bleached-blonde highlights, tube tops, short shorts, wedge heels, and an idiotic facial expression. The term developed as a way of describing a character on the now-defunct soap opera Passions, who was a boyfriend-stealing mermaid who had taken on fully human form. Later, the influence of SNL's "Lothar of the Hill People" came to bear on the common use of Merwhore, as people began singing "Merwhore, of the Mer-People" whenever a common merwhore was sighted.
"MERWHORE, of the Merrrrrr People!"

"That sorority slut in the tube top is a total merwhore."

"Only merwhores bleach their hair that particular shade of blonde."
by Non-merwhore July 17, 2008
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