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A totally HOTT chick with a studly lawyer boyfriend who loves her completely. Loyal friend. Total riot.

FOOLS are jealous of her. The more ignorant among them are unable to control themselves from spewing venom about her.
I am totally lucky to have a friend like Menushka.
by SexyHo June 27, 2004
A true and loyal friend who is possessed with a sharp wit. Unfortunately, those with lesser intellect often misunderstand the menushka and become insanely jealous. Despite this, the menuska does not enter into a battle of wits for the opponent is unarmed and poses no challenge.
We are so lucky to have a menushka as a member of the Marshketeers.
by i'dratherbeho'ing June 28, 2004
A wonderful friend, a beautiful lady who is always there for the people that need her.
menushka, you ROCK!
by Karma's_a_bitch_LITERALLY June 28, 2004