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That mentirosa was with that guy last week and she said she was with her daddy golfing.
by Juan Vazquez October 01, 2003
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the spanish word for liar
eres una mentirosa!!!
como seimpre
by janettttttttttt February 20, 2006
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Liaress, lying woman, skeezer. Used in Latino English and Spanglish, from Spanish.
"Girl, you ain't nothin but a mentirosa"
"Hombre let me tell you, stay away from her, she a straight mentirosa"
"Mamí, I tell him straight up que le engañarás cuz you a mentirosa." (Girl, I tell him straight up that you will cheat on him cuz you a -.)
"Wey I tell you que todas las mujeres son mentirosas." (Bro I told you that all women are -.)
by Mark Williamson November 05, 2006
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