Liaress, lying woman, skeezer. Used in Latino English and Spanglish, from Spanish.
"Girl, you ain't nothin but a mentirosa"
"Hombre let me tell you, stay away from her, she a straight mentirosa"
"Mamí, I tell him straight up que le engañarás cuz you a mentirosa." (Girl, I tell him straight up that you will cheat on him cuz you a -.)
"Wey I tell you que todas las mujeres son mentirosas." (Bro I told you that all women are -.)
by Mark Williamson November 05, 2006
Top Definition
Skizza, Liar
That mentirosa was with that guy last week and she said she was with her daddy golfing.
by Juan Vazquez October 01, 2003
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