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Mentally Insane is used to describe unstable or emotionally fucked human beings. The habitat of the Average Mentally Insane Human is Either a Padded room, Dark Ally, Or in the Antidepressant isle at your Local Wal-Mart. These people should be treated as you should treat a younger sibling, Using them as servers is acceptable but locking them in a closet while forcing them to watch Broke Back Mountain is torture. They should be handled with caution as they are fucked in the head and should be treated as so. Don't get too attached, They could become a Serial Killer and then You'll have to write them once a month in the High security Prison. But remember, Being Mentally Insane doesnt make a person less of a Person. It just makes us normal people Better.

So how do you protect yourself in knowing if That dude on the sidewalk is Mentaly insane or just a homeless dude?
1. Homeless people fall asleep beside tin cans filled with change.
2. Mentaly Insane people but infront of you and say "Could 'cha spare some change"?
3. Homeless people are harmless
4. Mentaly insane people might kil you and eat the meat on your ribs after cooking it on a Spit Roast.
5. Homeless people are always happy to get a coffee
6. Mentaly insane people wan't sleeping bags
7. Homeless people are cute, helpless and fluffy like a kitten
8. Mentaly insane people have sharp teeth
9. Homeless people make nest in a garbage blacket
10. Mentaly insane people like to be king of a cardboard box
Mentaly Insane Person:: Can I have some spare change?
Innocent man on way to work:: No way! Are you insane?
by Hawkington =]] February 02, 2008
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