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When one talks confidently about a possible situation that might arise and then when the situation actually happens they get mentally tasered, or handle the situation completely different from how they claimed they would, usually by whoever they were talking about easily "over powering" in the situation.
John: This isn't a good idea. I got pulled over by a cop last night for staying out past curfew like this skating.

George: Ha! Wow you're a pussy. Stop worrying. If a cop even tried pulling me over for that I would pull out my knife and cut his ass.

*Red and blue lights flash and a police officer approaches the 2 of them*

Cop: What are you two doing out this late? It's past the local curfew.

George: H-hello officer we we're j-just taking a walk and enjoying th-the weather.

John: Wow, so much for acting like a tough guy huh George?

George: Shut up I got mentally tasered asshole!
by Dj Djuric July 21, 2009
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