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the sum of all the natural and spiritual processes
by which a living human mind takes up and converts
into its own proper substances
the nutritive inputs available to it,
or by which it transforms its components
into other substances, forms, or states
which are fitted for some special purpose.
Sustaining an active and useful mentabolism is a lifestyle.
by mhr May 09, 2005

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When the mind affects the body, or the body affects the mind. How external events effect the internal mind and internal events affect the external body.
A blush, sexual arousal, physical pain, hypnosis.
"The sight of her raised my mentabolism!"
"Self-hypnotic mentabolism, removed the pain."
"Mentabolism, mind over matter, gave me the bodily control to win the game."
"Mentabolism, Pavlovian at work"
by Bob B. January 22, 2004
How the mind affects the body, and how the body affects the mind.
"Look how Mary's blush causes an embarrassed change in her Mentabolism." or "Looking directly at John provokes his Mentabolic anger."
by Bob Baerresen January 16, 2006