Nobody knows where it is, and nobody cares. home of the indians in the middle of wisconsin. somewhere.
i live in the middle of nowhere, aka, Menomonie
by dashizzzz August 20, 2008
Top Definition
Only the coolest city in western WI. Home of.... well we dont really kno right now its in the process of being changed. Former Home of the Indians. Has WAL-MART!!!! And a bowling alley, Teds Pizza, and other super cool things like the ledgendary Mable Tainter Theater for the Arts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has about 14,000 ppl. And an Amazing school district with really nice kids :)
Menomonie is where it is at!!!!!
by GhostBerry1234 August 05, 2011
Small city in Northwestern Wisconsin about an hour away from the Twin Cities and 30 minutes from Eau Claire. Often confused with Menominee, MI or Menomonee Falls, WI because nobody's ever heard of Menomonie, WI unless you live near by or go to school at UW-Stout. Menomonie is known for Jeff's Pizza, Ted's Pizza, Raw Deal, Acoustic Cafe and it's many bars, such as the Stout Ale House.
"Where do you go to school?"

"I attend UW-Stout, that's in Menomonie"

"Isn't Menominee in Michigan?"

"Well, there's one in Wisconsin but nobody knows where it is.
by StoutDevil June 26, 2011
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