1. To Rip Off. > You got menged. > "I menged that guy. I sold an eye piece for $30">

2. A condition of a person, undesirable. >
2b. Bitchy. >
2c. and attitude. > an attitude. > "My girlfriend is meng today." >
"Don’t talk to him. He's meng" as in ripping off> therefore his ATTITUDE or condition is MENG> >
So that takes double definitions.>
The condition can also mean annoying.

3. To get fucked. >
It's more like being ripped off. >
"I got menged today. I didn't finished my paper."> But let's put the first 3 definitions> together..... > ....a dork walks by. >
"Don't talk to him, he's meng." >
Def 2. His attitude is meng. >
Def 1 and 3. If you talk to him, you'll get> menged> because he'll be annoying and you can't cut him off.> That's 3 definitions in just,
""Don't talk to him,> he's meng."" > Using the dork example. >

4. Meng = dysfunctional.
> The toaster is meng. > :
My car is meng. > :
My car got menged. > :
That means two things.> :
...it could have broken down.... > :
...or Def #5: Get stolen. > :

5. Did you meng the bank last night?
Also meaning ripping off.

6. Meng = bootlegs. Send me the mengs.
> : Is that a meng?> :
CDs, DVDs, VHS, whatever. > :

7. Meng = to bootleg. > :
Meng me a copy of that. > :
I need these things menged by tomorrow. > : so instead of "burn me that cd" it could be "Meng> those cds" ? > :

8. Meng = to fuck, sexually. > :
Did you meng that goat? > :

look above
by Anonymous November 29, 2002
Top Definition
also spelled mang, latino for man.
yo meng, let's eat some tacos; it's crunch time!
by nite November 25, 2003
another way to say the word "man"
Yo meng!
Sup meng diddy meng meng!
by AnGdyDrew March 29, 2005
an hispanic man
Meng, you ate my taco!
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
like man
thats gay meng
meng, thats messy
by GT-R May 31, 2003
plural form of mang.
Mang, look at all of those meng over durr.
by choooobz December 11, 2010
Meng is a common cute asian name. It could be used for both girls and boys.
Meng is the best name ever.
by TOTOO November 18, 2006
the word spanish speaking people say in an attemtp to say man
antonio:wussappening meng!
white guy:learn to speak english!
by thebestguyonearth November 10, 2003

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