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A legendary giant that resides in the upper thumb area of Michigan. He stands around 7-8 feet tall and has an enormous appetitte. He is notorious for drinking large amounts of alcohol and smoking entire fields of marijuana. Recently Meneghin has been sighted in the Detroit area. Scientist say he has migrated south possibly because the food and drug supply in his home area was getting low. Some say the giant is using a different name and is posing as a student in some Detroit area university. Either way, if you are the Eastern Michigan area, ask around about Meneghin and more than likely someone will know what you are talking about.
"Meneghin the Giant is known from Saginaw to South Detroit. If you ever see him at a party on some campus around here, you will know at first sight that the myth of Menegin is not a myth at all"
by old man withers August 16, 2006
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