return to a pre-modernist
old-style masculinity, where men present themselves as macho, hanging-
out-with-your-mates, beer-swilling, sexist chaps. Menaissance is a word compound from Men and Renaissance(of 'real men').
* Daily Mail, 12 Jul. 2006: Of course, advocates of the Menaissance
may argue that we shouldn't be too concerned about what kind of a
man women want these days. Isn't that, they would say, the way we
arrived at simpering metrosexuals desperate to please their other

* Philadelphia Inquirer, 8 Apr. 2006: A woman friend tells me
there's a desperate need for a "menaissance." Many women are weary
of sensitive emo-boys and metrosexuals.

Explanation and examples quoted from
by margareta July 30, 2006
Top Definition
1) (1) : The movement in modern culture that seeks to readopt the standards of manliness as exemplified by men of the "greatest generation" (2) : The idealism of manliness seen in movie star icons such as Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne.

2) (1) : The movement that rejects modern concepts of manliness such as the "metro sexual", "man child", and "dumb dad." (2) : The ideal of manliness that rejects homophobia, sexism, consumerism, racism, and chauvinism.

3) : The movement that promotes responsible behavior, dressing sharp, getting barbershop haircuts, and moral living.
That man just opened a door for a lady. He must be a part of the menaissance.
by Rayle-Bajoc October 19, 2010
'Men Renaissance': Anti-female, 'post-sensitive' male movement in America. Man is no longer threatened by faulty relationships and is always in control if he ventures into one. The woman in question is now the 'manizer', not he the 'womanizer'!
This alpha-alpha 'Manliness' of post-feminist America is nothing but -- deep in the social texture -- a load of old 'fanny'! Hehe!
Menaissance has its roots in the early 80s victim-power of the 'battered male syndrome'!
There are now men's studies, men's rights/ movement, Men-Lib (Men-Liberation)... something called 'Guyville'/ guyness/ guyhood! New Man/ Wild Man! Iron John/ Laddite or 'ladditism' in the UK... and these collectively mirror feminism in what is known as 'masculinism', or less-frequently, 'hominism'.
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
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