One of the sexiest supermodels to grace the urban scene in the 21st century.

Originally from Canada, she goes by the nickname "Jessica Rabbit"
Melyssa Ford ain't bad, she was just made that way.

by Mr. Dwayne October 23, 2004
Top Definition
She is in all honesty is the most perfect girl that I have ever met. Without her I feel as if I am nothing but i waste of space. She has the cutest smile, the nicest eyes, and the kindest heart. There is nothing in the world I'd have other then her.
1 " Hey hows your relationship with Melyssa going?"

2 "Its going fantastic, shes the best girl that I will ever meet."
by Just a random guy on UD January 22, 2013
the sexiest bitch that ever lived. Owns chris's cock.
hi chris, im melyssa, i own your cock.
by melyssa February 13, 2004
A human that will do just about anything to get whatever it is that she wants, no matter what the cost. Some of her characteristics are to lie, cheat, steal, brag, hurt others, be incredibly rude, disrespectful, and bully others.
"Did you see what Melyssa did?"

"No. What did she do?"

"She shoved that kid out of her way, and the kid fell! She didn't even apologize."
by Insert Fake Name Here March 27, 2013
a tall creature like being that enjoys hot baths with orange soda and boiled eggs. Melyssa enjoys having sexual relations with gorillas or anything in the monkey form. It maybe a type a creature that is scared of the world and stays in their cold dark cave, but when it comes to sexual relations its always ready for the challenge.
"You wanna do the Melyssa?"
"Gosh you were such a Melyssa tonight!"
by Boozookapoop August 13, 2008
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