A black Elvis impersonator.
Holy shit! Did you see that Melvis in Vegas the other night? What a crazy lil ni66a he was...
by House MD September 13, 2009
Top Definition
Any Mexican that bares a striking resemblence to Elvis.
Did you see that guy mowing the lawn? He was a total Melvis.
by Carrie April 06, 2005
Melvis is a name applied to anyone who could pass for the Mexican Elvis. Owner of a Mexican restaurant in Columbia, SC.

Symptoms of a Melvis include pompadour, golden chains, and lots of prominently displayed chest hair.
That Melvis dude makes some damn good tacos!
by Ouroborous March 14, 2005
An awesome guy that will laugh at almost anything.He might seem like the shy guy at first but once you get to know him he'll make you laugh no matter what.He always tries to help people whenever they need the most help. Always loves to go to places like the movies. Melvis is an awesome sweet,kind guy.
"Hey did you see Melvis at the party last night ?"
by StrikingThunder March 05, 2014
Metal Elvis. i.e. an individual who sings like Elvis Presley, but is in a metal band. (see Michael Poulsen)
"Ay, broseph, did you go to that Volbeat show? The head guy, he's friggin melvis."
by melvis January 31, 2013
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