pulling the front of ones underwear, giving them a wedgie, and also crushing their balls, at the same time. Usually done by teens.
It was senior day in high school, and all the seniors gave freshman melvins, I was so unlucky for i wore boxers that day.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
Verb: to melvin someone is to stick your finger in their bum, before which you should 'melvin' and then make a rasping noise with your tongue (i.e. blow a raspberry) as you insert your finger. To melvin your opponent automatically hands you the victory in any fight or physical contest.
'I was having a good grapple with Mo the other day, but then he melvinned me and i lost'
'I'm going to melvin andy to get back at him for throwing that water over me'
by OllieTech February 12, 2010
When two or more people are wearing the same shoes side by side.
Look at those three girls all wearing Ugg boots......what a bunch of melvins.
by rosalie385 February 01, 2010
The act of diarrhea-ing on top of someone's head in a tropical climate so that the Melvinee can't wipe it off.
The reason we smell so bad isn't because of our foray through the jungle. It's because Carruthers decided to drop a steaming Melvin on us...again.
by Meatball #41 December 29, 2013
A complete loser, geek, or nerd. Someone who lives in their parent's basement well past their 20's.
Matt is a total melvin because he sits around and plays world of warcraft all day and never leaves the house.
by geekhater December 23, 2006
a guy who is hopelessly pathetic with women. Think Dustin Diamond.
"So she cheated on him and he, being the Melvin that he is, told her HE was sorry and bought her some flowers."
by Delabar May 05, 2007
A melvin is a word to describe the bulge around the penis when wearing tight pants or when the pants have gathered around the pubic region. Male version of a camel toe.

When Ricky sat down, not only did his ass crack hang out but he was rockin a serious melvin.
by Anthony Litwin March 16, 2007
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