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Melrose Place is an American television primetime soap opera that aired on Fox in the United States from July 8, 1992, to May 24, 1999 for seven seasons. The show was created by Darren Star for Fox network and executive produced by Aaron Spelling for Spelling Television. It is the second series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. The show is set in a small apartment courtyard complex in the West Hollywood district of Los Angeles, where several young individuals reside, each with their own dreams and drives. It was a teen oriented show in the first season, but when short term situations proved unpopular, it was rewritten for adults, and became a sexy, dirty, scandalous soap opera, and pop culture phenomenon for the 1990's.
Person 1- I watched Melrose Place last night.
Person 2- Oh, that show about a drama filled apartment complex from the 90's?
Person 1- You know it.
by MelroseLuva June 17, 2010
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