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corseted, red-headed temptress and lover of exotic liqueurs, sorceress of all things delicious.
"The dinner tonight was incredible! How does Melora do it?!"
by patrickbb February 04, 2010
A girl that sucks 7,000 dicks a day and fucks with 28,000 men a week. She's six feet tall, she drinks a lot, takes amphetamines, and snorts meth and cocaine. She is also unloyal, an asshole, and an unfaithful, unapologetic, heartless, and a dastardly fucking bitch. She thinks looking at someone's social media page is stalking and whoever admits that they were looking at some specific thing on her page, she will block them. And to people that really like her, she lies about the fact that she has a boyfriend just to cut them off. Hell, she's everyone's girlfriend, so I think I should take that back...maybe not, idk. She has friends that are just like her and they talk about parties, fucking, guys, fucking, Starbucks, and fucking. To make that long story short, she is a bitch. Stay away from her, and don't even think about asking her out because she is gonna say no. (unless you're lucky)
Daniel: Hey dude I just met this girl named Melora and she's pretty fucking hot. I wanna ask her out but I don't know how.

Andrew: Stay away from her she's a thot.
by Peut Blesser October 13, 2015
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