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adjective, having big bOObs.
PETER: Wow! Pamela is sooooo Melony!

BOBBY: Watch it. Tommy beat the shit out of Greg for getting so titelated over her.

PETER: Yea? But I bet Greg was being Budstupider at the time, right?

BOBBY: True. Good point bro'.
by Bar Bare-All Eden June 10, 2006
To commit a felony of man-law
When Billy took that girl home from the club and didn't have sex with her he committed a melony.
by Jimmy The Cock January 19, 2009
Is a another way to spell the name Melanie
"That girl's name is Melony"
by Chalhoub May 27, 2008
Grand theft watermelon constitutes a melony.

There are three types of offence: misdemeanour, melony and felony.
by DUotdnes December 13, 2007
The most Beautiful person EVER!! also an adj to show that it belongs to Melea and Tony and that you bitchs are sooo fugly you don't deserve it!
EEKKK!! look at my Melony Mattress!!
Lets got to the Melony Mall
GAWD your soo stupid Melony Hates you
Wow....Melony is sooo beautiful, unlike lemon wedge who is ummm....just wrong
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005
a girls name, meaning "melon like or possesant of one or more of the qualities of a melon"
"who's that green husky chick over there?"

"oh thats just melony"
by emuofdoom November 01, 2007
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