A beautiful girl who loves people and animals. She has a ginormous heart and is very sensitve. Melody loves to take care of her family and especialy her momma. She hates curse words and likes to read. Amazing blonde hair and big blue eyes. The most wonderful daughter in the world!!
That's my Melody!
by momma217 February 06, 2010
A fucking amazing British movie starring Jack Wild, Tracy Hyde, and Mark Lester about two kids who want to get married at age ten Jack Wild should be the main character in it because he is such a bad ass. Also known as SWALK and has quite a few memorable quotes just watch it.
Olivia: Hey did you ever watch "Melody"?
Cameron: Hell yes! It was brilliant!
by switchbitch5 August 05, 2011
n. pl. mel·o·dies
1. A pleasing succession or arrangement of sounds.
Musical quality: the melody of verse.
2. A rhythmically organized sequence of single tones so related to one another as to make up a particular phrase or idea.
3. the awesomest sissy ever.
4. Structure with respect to the arrangement of single notes in succession.
The leading part or the air in a composition with accompaniment.
5. A poem suitable for setting to music or singing.
The prettiest part of a song is the Melody.
by someone111 June 06, 2006
An average girl. She's not pretty nor ugly. She has a kind heart, but is too nice sometimes. She's very strict. She's also very picky. She also sings too much even when people around her don't want to hear her sing. She loves singing even though she doesn't sing well.
Did you hear melody sing again?
by Ms.Knowitall November 24, 2013
1.A coherent succesion of single pitches.

-We percive the pitches of a melody in a relation to each other, in the same way we hear the words of a sentence-not singly but as an entire thought.-
Melodies can have diffrent ranges, movments, and shapes.

The melody in "Joy to the World" is conjunct.
by tzaradam August 20, 2006
Melody is the name of the most Beautiful girl in the world!she usually has the most amazing eyes and smile.
Most Melodys are part time servers trying to make themselves some money to become a dentist.
Wow did you see that Beautiful Dentist.

Yeah she was deffinatly a Melody...
by Mr Incredible223 October 15, 2010
Union of man and beast

See also Lee Bosley
It was sweet melody to be sat in the saddle
by pavillionend May 24, 2005

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