The daughter of Ariel and Eric in The Little Mermaid II movie.
A high wall kept Melody from going into the sea.
by Inhandra August 12, 2011
A crazy almost adhd girl everyone is attracted to, whether it be friendship or love, this girl can make anyone happy with her spontanious smiles, bubbly personality, and colorful hair.

Melody is never serious, which can be one of her biggest faults. She likes to mess around with people, especially those inclined to frowning. She has a short attention span, and can be absent minded, forgetting to do simple things like eating.

Playful, but also dangerous. Once you hurt this girl, she makes your life miserable and will never forgive you. She is also the most loyal person you will ever meet, she will love you for eternity, and even when friends treat her bad, she waits for the very very very last straw before ending it.

Melody has a super fun carefree spirit. She respects everyone's religion, but refuses to be put in any religious or social box, changing her style and hair on a weekly basis and will probably make up a new religious sect to be a part of if you ask her what she believes in.

Over all, this girl is the embodiment of beauty and friendship, inside and out.
Treat any Melody you meet with high esteem, because that girl has way more friends than enemies.
That girl is too crazy to not be a melody.
by February 19, 2013
Perfection, the Melody to which my heart beats to, and my reason for living
The melody is that of a song of love
by nosebleed7 August 20, 2014
the most amazing, funniest, hottest, strongest girl ever! whom i would spend my entire life with and have all my kids with, shes is beyond gorgeous, knows everything about music and sports, she has the most gorgeous eyes in the world & is a total freak in the bed NO LIE! if you ever had the chance to hang out with her or anything like that dont ever pass it up, if you do youre a total dumb ass douche bag & shes a party animal!
"wow shes a hot mom."
"what a melody."
by YODDAA May 29, 2009
fly as a muthafucka haters think shes a loser face but she aint cause shes a gansta
yo u no that girl...shes a melody 4sure cause shes bad
by xxx101 September 23, 2009
Melody is the girl who you secretly love. She can be loud and energetic, but she can also be quiet and still. She's really friendly and wants to be everyone's friend, even if she probably shouldn't be. She's very shy at first. She loves animals, dogs more so. She's beautiful inside and out. She's the girl every guy knows they'd be lucky to date, and the girl that girls would be lucky to have as a friend.
"She's absolutely amazing, who is she?"

"You must be talking about Melody"
by Red_Scarlett March 27, 2015
A kind of tall, curly haired, weirdo who sees the fun in everything...even when it's supposed to be serious. She often gets into "trouble" for joking around too much. She really means well. She also has a certain charm that protects her from authority. She rarely gets the consequences of her actions.
Hey, did you hear what happened to Melody?

Hahaha what? :D

She got in trouble with a teacher!

They'll let her off the hook because she's so sweet.
by LennyMabootoo July 28, 2011
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