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When stoned people get paranoid about something that is not actually happening
Jason: Hey man I think that's the cops knocking on the door, flush the drugs!
Paul: Dude can you stop being so mellowdramatic, that's the kettle.
by Brever July 10, 2010
Derived from two words.

1. Mellow - to be cool, calm, collective or light headed. Relaxed to the point of non-involvement. Totally Chillaxed.

2. Dramatic - An action that girls or menopausal or bleeding women perform when they're upset by a similar action that someone else performed.

Mellow dramatic is the opposite of Mello Dramatic
After being married to Liz(the huge drama queen) for 16 years, Hollis is the anti-type of Mello Dramatic. He is Mellow Dramatic.
by Bucky Tucker January 23, 2011
Means melodramatic but is much better because it looks like yellow.
"I am so mellowdramatic today"
--"I bought a yellow shirt!"
by January 04, 2009
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