1. A small Mexican circus flea. Famous in the Burrito region of south Mexico. Is a great lover of Spooge and taco's.

2. Latino American for small and horny.

"hey senor you Chihuahua is mucho melissa."
She ate that spooge taco like a true melissa
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013
My vagina.
You made my Melissa all wet!
by PeganPeacock December 03, 2013
Acronym: MELISSA: My Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead
A very driven woman in her 20s or 30s eg that new girl is a real Melissa.
by socialwatcher May 19, 2007
The palest girl around town who falls for the type of guy who lingers around the gay bar and chats it up the nocturnal citizens of the under world. A Melissa will usually sound exactly like kermit the frog.
Brad: hey marven, whos that that chick whose whiter than sour cream? I'd like to put gas into that car if you catch my drift!

Marven: Thats Melissa, i tried to watch "Everybody loves Raymond" but i couldn't tell who was talking.
by cramped thighs December 27, 2011
A typical name for a slutty girl.
Stu: Hey did you hear about Melissa the other day?
Paul: Yeah I heard she ditched Jones and is now dating a guy named Matt, simply because Matt's white.
Stu: Damn, what a slut!
by melissawey69 December 07, 2013
A rude nasty little BITCH!!!

Is the wordt friend ever!!!!πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Hey melisssa

Melissa chokes u cause u dint want a hug
by Gingr April 30, 2012
Can be a cry baby for most of what she wants but can't get or have. Simple minded and illiterate. Sleeps and tries to seduce just about every guy walking, and hides the fact that she has an STD. And when she is in a relationship, most assuredly, she is after the next thing that catches her eye. Then she accuses her man that she is supposed to be with of cheating & flirting so she feels justified in her actions. She portrays a confident, self- assured, cool, calm and collected persona, but in all actually, she's a jealous, immature, deceitful, competitive, little girl who hides behind sex to make herself feel better and worthwhile. Deserves a reality check by most just because she's always running off at the mouth, rubbing people the wrong way and acting fake. Seems nice, outgoing, and fun to be around at first, but eventually you come to see and experience her issues because she's bad at hiding them for long. A lost soul.
Don't be a cunt like Melissa. Don't be that girl.
by notragdahaahaaha October 26, 2013

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