super sweet, nice, kind, religious, girl that can let her emotions run wild sometimes ), and has a tendency to like guys who don't deserve her.
Melissa: (being super amazing) Hello!
Guy: Heeyyyy
Mel: you're kind of cool ^^
Guy (totally lying) Yeah I know... Imma go now
Mel: :( (Totally should be sad, he's a douche)
by Flustered Vampire December 13, 2010
A beautiful girl you don't remember from High School but are glad you know her now. Very loving and smart. Family oriented and easy to talk to. The kind of girl you will marry and introduce to your daughter. Has an AMAZING body.
Melissa, will you marry me?
by ed-diesel May 02, 2010
Hispanic/latina, usually a very short smart girls, wear glasses most of the time, has the cutest smile ever, loves the color pink, hates fakes and 2faced bitches, goes out with guys that are hispanics, has many friends but she wont trust most of them. she usually likes guys that smoke weed and like to have fun, she is the type of girl that you can become best friends with!!
Melissa has everything in pink!!!
by hoosaaa August 17, 2011
Usually used to define a girl with a sly and sexy singing voice. Also used to describe a seductive voice from an unknown caller.
Remember Martin's sister?, she was a Melissa.

Some girl rang my phone today, too bad i didn't get to know her. She was a Melissa
by mickeyjones May 24, 2011
A pretty great chick. She is an awesome girl. Loves dance class. And she loves her ipod and keeps it away from people.
Melissa is a cool girl
by Paigie Pie April 03, 2013
Melissa can be very shy until you meet here when you'll find out she's a little mental and can creep you out with what she says. Melissa's are pretty and always wanting to be slim but look better without the bones showing, they always have nice hair which looks pretty long and curly. They tend to be short which gorgeous eyes which they love to see in the mirror. They love everyone who is kind to them and honestly has high standards with love, they don't want to be fucked with.
Girl 1- Hey remember Melissa from school?
Girl 2- Yeah the geek?
Girl 1- That's her there -points-
Girl 2- She's hot!
by Lolabear April 07, 2013
Awesome girl. She is hilarious and obsessed with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and dancing. She is an amazing dancer and also an amazing friend. The only bad thing is one of our friends is going to kill us all and sew us together to R.I.P. in the same coffin. We are really good friends, best friends. No we aren't the closest but I still love her to death, luckily for her though I'm not the one planning to kill her, that's our other friend. W are swiffeys together even though I technically am not. She's helped me through a lot even if she doesn't know it.
Guy: dang! You see that awesome dancer over there?!
Girl: yah that's my friend Melissa. She's totally obsessed with Justin Bieber and she's completely awesome.
by Friendofagirl December 30, 2012

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