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A kind loving person, who is very shy around people she does not know well. But if she nows you well will make you laugh at her very stubborn way of thinking. She is Highly intellegent, very funny, kind to others except her brother. But will always do the best for anyone that she meets.
Little brother falls into pool and almost drowns...Melissa dives in after him and rescues him.

An animal is wounded...Melissa does her best to save the animal.

Friends talk bad about other friends behind each others back...Melissa will not join.
by Docman-aka cat February 03, 2010
Super hot girl with an amazing ass.
Loves to be called missy and is a great best friend. You always want to see her more, or more of her.
She will decline compliments but really she likes them.
She is beautiful and special and one of the best mates you will have.
Guy 1: you know missy?
Guy 2: the seriously hot one?
Guy 1: yeah! I want to bang her
Guy 3: I don't know a missy..
Guy 2: Melissa
Guy 3: oh I would bang her!
by AnonAndLolin' August 19, 2011
A woman of great passion who is a poet and romantic at heart. Has many men fall in love with her due to her great passion she does give to her men. sexually speaking, a wild cat that needs to be caged.

Intellectually, speaking she has a good place for medicine and business. and has a caring personality. Although she is kind, she does has an evil side. You cross her she will send you to hell. Typically similar to a cat.
oh watch out for that cat, she could be a melissa.
by lizzybad February 03, 2010
Lovely, Sexy, Smart, Loving, Fabulous, Stylish, Sweet, Kind, Caring, Wonderful, Beautiful Goddess; The envy of every girl in the world with a porn star body and the face of a goddess. Also the world's great mother!
Check out Melissa!!
She is the bees knees!!
Best looking girl in the world!
Every girl in the world wishes she could be Melissa!
by MadderHatter August 24, 2010
A mother, a care giver, someone who is always there for you when you need her to be.

Her best trait is her loyalty to others. Sure, she has a lot of other great treats. But, when it comes to loyalty, she takes the cake.

People may talk smack about her, but that is because they don't know her. She is determined, strong, and caring.

Her biggest flaw is her Paranoia. But, that is because she doesn't know how good of a person she is.
Melissa: Are you cheating on me?!

Husband: Hon, that's a picture of our children.

Melissa: DON'T YOU STAND THERE AND LIE TO ME! Where you having a god damn orgy in the house?

Husband: That's a freaken birthday party!

Melissa: I'm sorry. I love you.

Husband: Oh, Melissa. . .
by tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
Magnificent girl! She's beautiful in every way inside and out. Though she may have her flaws, her good side always shows. A Melissa is calm, very nice, funny, and an overall great friend. She will feel lucky to know you but you will be the lucky one.
1: Hey Abi, do you know Melissa?
2: Are you kidding me?! She's my BFF!
1: haha she's lucky to have you as a friend
2: no I'm lucky that I have her!
by WalrusRunner January 20, 2014
super sweet, nice, kind, religious, girl that can let her emotions run wild sometimes ), and has a tendency to like guys who don't deserve her.
Melissa: (being super amazing) Hello!
Guy: Heeyyyy
Mel: you're kind of cool ^^
Guy (totally lying) Yeah I know... Imma go now
Mel: :( (Totally should be sad, he's a douche)
by Flustered Vampire December 13, 2010