The most amazing girl you will ever know! She is really pretty,beautiful,sexy,hot and really smart!! <3 You gotta love my bffl!

I love Melissa so much!
Friend : Dude check out this girl!!!
Me : Dude thats Melissa! My bffl!
by teheeh0 December 13, 2009
Melissa plundered bee hives in order to feed honey to Zeus, who developed a permanent sweet tooth. Melissas role in protecting Zeus was discovered and she was turned into a low species of insect. Zeus later took pity on her and turned her into a Honey Bee, which is involved with making honey.
A Melissa is a beautiful woman. She loves to help friends. She has a bad side but usually doesnt show it unless shes around her friends. She excells in life.
After discovering the method of collecting honey, Melissa; a Cretan Princess was transformed into a Bee.
An elderly Priestess called Melissa, who was torn to pieces by the women of her neighborhood after refusing to reveal the secrets she had been made privy to by the Goddess Demeter. The Goddess set a plague upon her killers by producing bees from Melissa's corpse.
In Persian, Melissa means Red Rose.
A Melissa is the type of person you could trust with you life, the type of person who would jump in front of a bullet for someone they love. A Melissa is honest and tells things how it is, they lie occasionally but so does everyone. They make mistakes, but they have the brains to set it right. They don't like hurting anyone. They know their place in he world and do not resort in violence, a true Melissa would never cause anyone physical pain. A Melissa speaks from the heart. She should not care about what anyone else thinks of the person that she is or turning out to be, she is one person with a mighty name that means a lot.
"Do you see that girl over there?"
"The beautiful one?"
"Yeah, doesn't she look like a Melissa?"
"Yeah, that's what I was thinking!"

"I wonder who is singing that beautiful song, it's got to be a Melissa."

"I wish I was still dating Melissa, she's so sexy and kind."
by Intentionally Blank October 14, 2013
The awesomest girl. Very good at black ops. Very epix. Loves turtles and tacos.....
Hey sexy, you must be a melissa.
Omg she's good at black ops, she must be a sexy Melissa.
by Sexy GI Joe April 25, 2011
Beautiful inside and out. She makes the best wife and mother in the whole world. Loyal and loving....she is everyone's favorite.
What! you're getting married?

Don't worry, she is a total Melissa.
by roxxxzy February 03, 2010
A beautiful girl with a kind face reminiscent of peaches. A smart female with a horrible tastes in colors, but a wonderful taste in music. Has a small tendency to get confused and go on a killing rampage. Will always be loved more than can love, because it's a fact. Very interesting and easy to talk to. Has a nice ass.
Melissa is my peaches and I shall call her Peaches and she shall be my Peaches.
by Roild December 22, 2011
A Melissa is the sweetest girl you will EVER meet. She smells soooo good. And her skin in incredible soft... BEST KISSER EVER!!!!
Andrew- Hey I kissed Melissa last night

Matt- Damn did you! haha That's my boy! How was it?

Andrew- She is the best kisser ahh im so into her!
by fireflies221 February 05, 2010
Magnificent girl! She's beautiful in every way inside and out. Though she may have her flaws, her good side always shows. A Melissa is calm, very nice, funny, and an overall great friend. She will feel lucky to know you but you will be the lucky one.
1: Hey Abi, do you know Melissa?
2: Are you kidding me?! She's my BFF!
1: haha she's lucky to have you as a friend
2: no I'm lucky that I have her!
by WalrusRunner January 20, 2014

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