a best friend you wont wanna lose , who makes a bunch of guys melt , any boy she talks to they fall in love with her , a great amazing girlfriend , when Melissa gets drunk shes real funny , someone you'd have sleep over , someone who is lovable , some one whose most likely popular , someone who has an amazing body , someone whose beautiful but doesn't think so her self , someone you can have a phone call with until you fall asleep , someone you can text for days , someone who makes mistakes , Melissa is a great person you'll regret not meeting her or talking to her who gets their feelings hurt a lot , someone you can write pages about .
Is that your girlfriend



yeah she's Melissa i love her with all my heart

oh i wish i had a fine girl like her

yes , thank god i have her
by hugner August 05, 2011

A very beautiful person inside and out.

Will always make you laugh and give you a hug before you even know you need one!

Can be some what blunt. But at least you know she is truthful. Very sweet and easy to talk to. High morals. She sets her own ground.

Absolutely, without a doubt beautiful.

A person everyone loves and cares for.

A girl with breath taking eyes, Eyes you could stare into forever and never tired of. You can see her dimples when she smiles.
Falls in love easily. She's the girl that will make time stop when you see her in a crowd of people. She puts others before herself.
DAMN, look at that Melissa.
by smyd123 September 21, 2010
The greatest girl to walk to face of the planet.
She cares for everyone. She's beautiful and her hugs are amazing because she's so warm. She's that rare breed of friend. The kind that doesn't mind catching a cold to just keep you from getting one. Because she puts others before herself, everyone loves her.

She'll make you melt; figuratively and literally.
Boy: "Oh, hey Melissa."
Girl: "I'm not Melissa."
Boy: "My bad. I didn't mean to compare you to such an angel."
Girl: "Nahh, it's all good. I was just thinking about her myself."
Boy: "Then we're both in agreement that she's just simply-"
Girl: "Yes, amazing."
by DixieNormas September 13, 2010
A Goddess
Melissa is as beautiful as Aphrodite.

Melissa is more beautiful than any other Goddess.

Melissa is divine!
by MrUniverse2010 September 08, 2010
The most amazing, beautiful girl in the world. She is perfect in every way,ESPECIALLY her body. Greatest personality everrrrrrr.
Person 1: dude are you talking to melissa?
by xProdigyxWolfy July 04, 2011
The love of your life. A Beautiful gorgeous person, fights alot, but playfuly. Always says they love you more than you do them. Fun and enjoyable to be with.
"Damn, Melissa's my Melissa..."
by Gabe8867 November 29, 2009
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