The perfect woman. She's one of those girls who will knock your socks off and blow your mind. She makes you feel like you're the luckiest man in the world. My Melissa defines true beauty inside and out. She shows her compassion and playful side which is such a turn on. She's changed my outlook on the excitement and success in having someone right by your side who you know you would do absolutly anything for and love every minute doing it. I can tell her anything and know she won't judge me or hold anything against me. She's a girl you'd always want in your life no matter what. She is the only one who has made me trip over my own two feet and I'm fallin real hard for her. Constantly thinking about her and us, and how much more amazing my life is with her in it. She's the most sexy, loving, funny, strong woman I know and she's all mine.
Damnnn, he's one lucky ass bastard to be with that Melissa. She's bangin!
by CBR22 November 27, 2010
The kind of girl who has beautiful eyes. And is super beautiful. There aren't any guys who don't think she is. She loves long relationships and wants to fall in love with the right person. Is very caring, and will never hurt you. She may make mistakes, but in the long run, she is the best thing you will ever have.
Melissa is beautiful, caring, loving
by fendaaa August 09, 2009
A very shy girl at first but once she's comfortable with you she can be the funnest girl to be around. She can be a lil moody at times but, aren't all girls that way. You have to be very patient with her to. No matter what she does she always has good intention. When your with a Melissa you have to be very trust worthy because she trusts with all her heart. Lets not for get about the love you get from her. When she loves she loves for real and its that type of love that you don't want to go away. If you love a Melissa it would be like losing everything and everyone you have. I love you babe
There are no words to describe Melissa.
by GolfWangHooligan August 24, 2011
Melissa is the coolest kid that has EVER graced the Earth. Most Melissas are ridiculously attractive and have many a boys wishing to bang them, crazy cowboy style. Melissas are also very generous and caring, often times taking care of their overly wasted friends, who while are entertaining, are prone to running away and getting searched by police. Melissas are also intensly smart and their brain power is like superheroic. COOL BEANS :)
A Melissa is one of the best things anyone could ever have, like ever. Love you baby ;)
Chelsea: "Have you ever had Pinedale Pizza?"
Melissa: "No?"
Chelsea: "It's like eating a slice of God"
Melissa: "Cool Beans"
by Super Tank September 26, 2008
an amazing girl, super pretty, gorgeous, BEAUTIFUL
tends to fall for assholes,

could have any guy but she doesn't know it,
has problems admitting her true feelings towards others,
tends to be in denial at times, could be depressed at times,
but most of the time she is super outgoing,really nice and very talkative
many guys think about seducing her but she can only kiss guys she likes, so if she doesn't like you like that.. good luck getting a peck out of her
shes scared of commitment, rejection, the truth and love
shes scared to fall in love even when shes already in love
she also tends to overthink things, and cant make up her mind wether to blame herself or him...she usually takes the blame in the end
guy 1: wow!! melissa is so pretty
guy 2: i know!! i use to like her.. but i didn't think she would go out with me, like come on she could go out with any guy, why go out with me?

guy 1: thats exactly why i didn't ask her out
by ughhhlove December 27, 2009
Unique, outgoing but can be shy at first, sweet, beautiful, loving, sexy, caring, spiritual, goal oriented, highly intelligent, witty well-rounded and artistic.
That woman is so Melissa when we are alone in her bed.

When you are unsure of an intellecutal matter, just ask a Melissa for the answer.
by mistermisty January 20, 2011
a girl, who takes life as it comes,has relationship issues and falls in love easily.
She is such a Melissa, she fell in love with him after only 3 weeks, and then he left her for her best friend.
by HeHe MeLiZa May 21, 2008
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