German name, meaning Spoons. Can also be spelled Löffels and Cucharas. Is often very pretty, and sometimes retarded.
Melissa likes to eat her Leek mixture with a Löffel.
by MgkMerlin February 06, 2010
A blood sucking demon whore. Loves as much sexual attention as she can get. Cheats, steals and lies to get what she wants. Has an ego the size of an elephant. Appears to be a very good person but is busting at the seems with evil manipulative thoughts and actions. Takes advantage of sweet, kind innocent men to suck their blood and use them for finances while she prowls for the next visctim. Heartless, untalented, attention loving whore.
Oh, she stole your money after cheating on you with two guys this week, and a girl?!! Oh that's deffiantely a melissa!
by 9126381236 June 21, 2011
The most annoying person you can ever know. she will copy you, and always take control of things. Melissa always has to act annoyingly cute. she will also drive away the guys/ girls your interested in.
Kayla: did you see what Melissa is wearing today?

Jake: yeah. didn't krista wear that yesterday? wow what a copycat

jessica: hey Chris. you wanna hang out?

Chris: um sure

Melissa: ooo what are we gonna do?

Chris: on second thought maybe another time
by Nick JJ April 18, 2011
Name for a girl that likes to parttake in sexual acts in public places or places with high risk of being seen. Places include but are not limited to airplanes, cars, bathrooms, under a blanket with people in the room, etc
Melissa, we cant do this right here, people are watching.
by BradenHaileyAlyssaCayden February 22, 2009
a young lady who feeds off the souls of men.
there for being a hooker. she also has rather small boobs.
but also is quite a good friend and needs to be coached on not wanting everyones nuts.

girl2: "But she's a really good friend. Not just a hooker."
by inkflower July 13, 2010
An attractive female with a strand of turrets that causes her to yell racial slurs at inapropriate moments. Prone to stealing babies in order to probe them for the secrets behind their smooth skin. Dispite popular belief, Melissa's do not procreate their young by "taking it from behind" but rather by biting their mates. Part robot (usually in the knee area). Tends to be attracted to males who are overweight ("pudgy") and have slight down syndrome. Also occasionally lesbien.
Because Melissa bit me...
by Pudgymuffin August 24, 2010
Fat ass and usually pretty dumb
Don't expect a Melissa to wear cute tiny clothes or write you a paper!!!
by weeburt November 04, 2010
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