Another word for a person with dry, red, hairy skin!
"Eww that chicks gross!"
"yeah she probably a Melissa!"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
1. honeybee in Greek
2. a nymph who took care of a young Zeus
3. genus name of five herbs in the mint family of plants
4. someone who is clueless about pop culture
1-3: A honeybee pollinated a mint plant as a nymph sat nearby taking care of a god.

4: Melissa: "Um... what is a walk of shame? And what does TFLN mean? Teflon?"

Saddened friend: "You are such a Melissa... go look at urban dictionary."

Melissa: "What's that?"
by Maggie Keenen November 05, 2009
A Melissa are someone who can easily fall under pressure and become depressed. Results to taking unprescribed medicine, or drinking. They will want to cling to your side because they feel dependent, especially in hard times at school. Best friend will be a cat, probably for life. Walks slumped over, and kills all happy moods of others. A "Buzzkill"
Hey whats wrong?" "I had a drink last night.." "Oh no dont turn into a Melissa!
by RachelBlackburn April 22, 2011
a naive country bumpkin.

someone who fails brilliantly at relationships.

an old worn out prude.
That woman over there looks lost. Should we help her?

No she is fine that's just a Melissa.

Oh I have heard about those creatures but have never seen one up close...Ugh, poor woman!
by akjowiensl September 24, 2010
This fucked up girl that cheated on me for some ugly as kid down the street. She's so fucking stupid she doesn't know what attractive is. I played water polo and swam for the national team and a lot of girls were going for me and i picked her. Instead she picked the frosh/soph small town football player. She doesn't know anything, she's blonde by heart even though she's brunette.
Hey dude that chick i went out with is so Melissa she picked the video game geek over a jock like me.
by swimdude43 May 22, 2011
a she devil.

The meanest of women who smothers her prey with unwanted attention.

Someone who unintentionally comes across as selfish and causes confusion.
Younger guy: Hey, check out that cougar? Let's go chat her up and see what happens. ;)

Older guy: Hell No! that's a Melissa! If you were smart you would run the other way!
by secondtimesnotacharm October 11, 2010
A blood sucking demon whore. Loves as much sexual attention as she can get. Cheats, steals and lies to get what she wants. Has an ego the size of an elephant. Appears to be a very good person but is busting at the seems with evil manipulative thoughts and actions. Takes advantage of sweet, kind innocent men to suck their blood and use them for finances while she prowls for the next visctim. Heartless, untalented, attention loving whore.
Oh, she stole your money after cheating on you with two guys this week, and a girl?!! Oh that's deffiantely a melissa!
by 9126381236 June 21, 2011

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