Another word for a person who looks rather disgusting! They enjoy obsessively texting people who absolutely hate them! They like to brag about how many times they barf after parties. They are often in need of some face cream. I always see them getting stuck places. And they are alway desperate for attention!
"Look at that blubbery girl stuck under that thing over there!"
"Her names probably melissa"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
Another word for a person with dry, red, hairy skin!
"Eww that chicks gross!"
"yeah she probably a Melissa!"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
a person who hits their head a lot
"that girl is such a melissa"
by aceyb February 06, 2010
Big nose, sychopathic honey bee!

Melissa is always attracted to guys who are unlike her, and is always acusing people of wrong-doing before asking them if they used her razer.

She can be immensely bi-polar: she can be a real bi-otch about things and can literally become the Incredible Hulk; but other times really nice, gentle and as sweet as honey as her name earns.

Plus, she loves her animals.
melissa's personality??
by m%m%m% July 31, 2011
a cracked out white girl who thinks just cuz she only wears true religion she looks good even tho it looks like shit and she has no style. she is locked up behind zannny bars, this girl shouldnt have a car.

a stupid bitch ass slut who loves drugs and talks shit about everyone
You see that girl driving like a Melissa, she must be high
by mikkkkkkkkkkey September 29, 2011
1. honeybee in Greek
2. a nymph who took care of a young Zeus
3. genus name of five herbs in the mint family of plants
4. someone who is clueless about pop culture
1-3: A honeybee pollinated a mint plant as a nymph sat nearby taking care of a god.

4: Melissa: "Um... what is a walk of shame? And what does TFLN mean? Teflon?"

Saddened friend: "You are such a Melissa... go look at urban dictionary."

Melissa: "What's that?"
by Maggie Keenen November 05, 2009
A Melissa are someone who can easily fall under pressure and become depressed. Results to taking unprescribed medicine, or drinking. They will want to cling to your side because they feel dependent, especially in hard times at school. Best friend will be a cat, probably for life. Walks slumped over, and kills all happy moods of others. A "Buzzkill"
Hey whats wrong?" "I had a drink last night.." "Oh no dont turn into a Melissa!
by RachelBlackburn April 22, 2011

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